Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

The Construction of the Wall Requires 102 Million Dollars

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On Wednesday, the Department of Defense declared that Donald Trump’s construction of the border wall with Mexico would take 102 million dollars away from the projects planned for Alaska.

Namely, there are 127 projects, and among them are the four projects in Alaska, whose funds will be diverted due to a national emergency which Trump announced in February.

This emergency announcement came after Congress refused to provide money for 230 miles of the border wall which the president requested. In response, the president made it clear that he would use his right to transfer money among military appropriations for the said emergency.

Even though this was under question, the president’s legal power to transfer funds for the border wall was, in fact, supported.

Alaska projects are affected, including 8 million dollars for the anti-ballistic missile in Delta Junction, 19 million dollars for a firing range at Eielson Air Force Base, and 75.4 million dollars for works on boilers of the power plant at the same base.

Senator Sullivan has pointed out that the money transfer is for the benefit of the people. He assured the public that it wouldn’t influence the scheduled development of F-35 fighters or as he has put it, “America’s defense system here in Alaska.”

Sen. Dan Sullivan said that he didn’t agree with this decision which postponed any military work in Alaska. However, he asserted that Trump’s administration had to take these actions due to Democrats’ resistance to the funding of border security.

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