Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Alaskan Officials Lift Open Burning Ban in Time for Fourth of July Celebrations

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FireWorks Banned

Alaskan lawmakers have officially lifted the ban on open burning and firework use in Alaska. They are claiming a reduction in fire danger due to cooler and wetter weather and demand by the public for campfires, cookouts, and pyrotechnics for the Fourth of July celebrations.

The state’s Fire Marshal and Forestry offices have lifted their bans on fireworks and open fires. The Forestry Office’s decision is based on increased rainfall and lower temperatures.

However, there are some exceptions. The Forestry Office stated that the ban remains in effect in the western and southwestern parts of the state, as well as in the Anchorage area. Again, citing the weather reports.

The Forestry Office is stressing the importance of fire safety and emphasizes that the Office depends on the public being careful when setting up barbecues and campfires. They went to explain that the Office’s resources were stretched thin and that they don’t need new incidents.

The Office also stressed the danger that fireworks could be and went on to suggest that members of the public don’t set off fireworks in forested areas or anywhere where they could cause a serious fire.

The Fire Marshal’s Office urged caution after lifting their temporary ban on fireworks in certain areas.

The Forestry Office clarified that their decision was based in part on the numerous requests by residents for loosened restrictions for the coming Fourth of July celebrations.

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