Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

92nd Mount Marathon Race

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Mount Marathon Race in Alaska

Only a few weeks left until the beginning of the 92nd Mount Marathon Race in Seward, Alaska.

Even though there are different opinions on the date of the first race, one thing is certain — that the marathon runs for over a century. The original challenge was to run to the top of the mountain and back in under an hour. There is a rumor that it all started as a bet, and the first runner managed to do it in an hour and twenty minutes. Since Seward is a port city, almost every ship that arrived had a challenger that wanted to beat the bet.

Lot has changed since then, and there are many more competitors willing to test their abilities so, the numbers are limited to 400 for men’s and women’s races. Nevertheless, one thing remained certain; you will have to get from downtown Seward to the top of the Mount Marathon, and then back to the town.

The whole route is 3.1 miles or roughly 5 kilometers. The record is set in 2016 with 41 minutes and 26 seconds for men, and 50 minutes and 30 seconds for women.

Mountain Marathon Race is described as the toughest 5k race in the world. Injuries are common for every race, and there has been one disappearance in 2012.

The race is held every year on the 4th of July and people from all over the world will come to Seward to try to win one of the most challenging races ever.

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