Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Sport Fishing Industry Thrives in Quinhagak, Alaska

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Sport Fishing Man close to the River

Alaska is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to hunting and fishing. Furthermore, Alaska is known to offer big game animals like bears, moose, and caribou.

Over 3 million lakes and 3,000 rivers are the reason why Alaska became one of the most popular destinations for sport fishing. But what is unusual is the village of Quinhagak. While towns like Homer and Bristol Bay have been the most popular fishing locations, recently the town of Quinhagak raised some interest in the sport fishing community.

Quinhagak is a village in the Bethel Census Area in Alaska with a population of around a thousand people. But what is appealing for people all over the world is the vast selection of trout and salmon.

The village is located on the Kanektok river which is said to have all five species of salmon. Paul Jacob, who runs Reel Action Fly Fishing in New York, organizes trips to Quinhagak every year. He said that people all over the country are interested in traveling to the Kanektok river and that he even had few clients from Norway.

Jacob also added that their trips are supporting the local economy, and while they barely see Quinhagak, everything they get is from the village, and the locals are helping them.

The fishing season starts in mid-June, and it will last until the end of August. Reel Action Fly Fishing guided trips cost $5,000 per person and last for a week.

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