Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Two Murders Shed Light on the Drug Business in Juneau

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Last week, Laron C. Graham (42) appeared before the Superior Court in Juneau for first-degree murders.

Graham is being charged for the killings of Robert Meireis (36) and Elizabeth Tonsmeire (34) in November 2015. The authorities publish a statement saying that the couple was discovered dead in E. Tonsmeire’s condo near Juneau.

In the statement, it is written that Meireis denied giving money back to Graham for the sale of a bad dose of heroin and insulted him on the basis of his race. John Darnall, the prosecutor, has stated that Graham shot Meireis in the head and right after, he killed Tonsmeire to erase all evidence of the crime.

Natasha Norris, a defense attorney, has pointed out that there wasn’t any forensic evidence or even a weapon that could connect Graham to these crimes.

Witnesses confirmed the police testimony that there were many people implicated in the drug business in Juneau.

David William, who was a trial witness, has asserted that he met Meireis while they were in prison and that they had gone on lunch on the day of his murder. He added that the Meireis bragged about dealing drugs and that he wanted people to know that.

Another witness, Fate Wilson, has said in court that he met Meireis just hours prior to the shooting. In addition, he said he was purchasing methamphetamine from him.

Lieutenant Krag Campbell has commented that it’s not strange for people to confess being involved with narcotics when someone is violently killed. What’s more, Campbell pointed out that if some individual is involved in the drug business and commits a crime, people who have the information about it will step forward.

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