Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Residents of Utqiagvik Voting for Soda Tax

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soda tax

An Alaskan town might be the first one to impose taxes on soda and other sweetened drinks. Voters of Utqiagvik will decide whether or not they want a tax on these drinks in the city. According to the tax description, it would impose one cent for every ounce of the drink. This tax will apply to sodas, energy drinks, and any other beverages with sugar.

For example, any 12-ounce can of soda will pay twelve cents in taxes. Similarly, a 20-ounce bottle would pay a 20-cent tax. Larger bottles, like two-liter, will cost sixty-seven cents more, and a standard twelve pack would be a 1.44 dollar more.

However, this won’t apply to every product. The tax won’t apply to 100% vegetable and fruit juices. Among excluded products are medicinal drinks, milk and milk products, baby formulae, alcohol, and even weight-loss products. The reason for these differences is that the bill states that drink needs to have at least two calories per ounce, which means that water and zero-calorie drinks are also spared of the tax increase.

According to reports, seventy-five percent of soda tax will be reserved for various activities and programs for youth, and it would be financed by the city.

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