Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Fairbanks Reports Increased Number of People with HIV

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The Department of Health and Social Services in Alaska reported six new cases of people with HIV since May. While it may not seem like an important thing, the number is unusually high for only a few months period.

According to reporters, the infected people are all men between twenty-one and thirty-three years of age. Furthermore, five of them are reported to be in the military or having intercourse with someone in the military.

Currently, officials are investigating cases and interviewing infected men to find out more about their cases, as well as the identities of their partners. Furthermore, their partners are also offered a health service, but many of them remain anonymous. Due to this, some of them are unable to get tested or even notified.

The state of Alaska sent a letter to the entire Fairbanks area, asking care providers to screen all of the patients and check for any symptoms associated with HIV. Besides, they also asked for the area to promote prevention as well as testing.

The representatives said that they are currently trying to encourage providers to start with vigilant screenings in accordance with national guidelines. They also said that every man that wants to engage in any high-risk behavior should be aware of the factors that put them at risk. Finally, they promote appropriate preventive measures, as well as regular testing.

Since 2018, Alaska had fifty-eight reported cases of HIV, and that includes twenty-two new cases and thirty-six cases that were already diagnosed before arriving in the state.

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