Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Juneau Continues With Admiralty Island Annexation Plan

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Admiralty Island

Juneau’s application to the Local Boundary Commission is moving forward, despite the protests of Rob Edwardson.

Rob Edwardson, an assembly member, is fighting to bring the proposal back under review, stating that the proposal barely passed in the first place (with a 5–4 vote) and that the makeup of the council is very different now.

Edwardson pleaded that the Assembly repeals the ordinance and puts the issue back under review. He also cited the opposition of the people of Angoon, who have strongly objected to the annexation, including organizing protests.

Mayor Beth Weldon stated that she felt the issue was already discussed at length, and that it is in the hands of the commission now.

Weldon had plans to talk with the former mayor of Angoon. However, an offer by Juneau officials to visit Angoon was declined.

Edwardson’s motion to revisit the issue failed in the Assembly, with a vote of 3–5 and one absent.

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